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Eshte ne gjendje shum te mir posedon adapter orgjinal Eshte modeli me 8 Gb Rom. Telefona celulare iphone 5s ne gjendje perfekte shum pak i perdorur Gjilan Sot, Telefona celulare urgjend Shitet samsunge kore viti Prizren Sot, Telefona celulare Iphone 5. Telefona celulare Samsung Shes Tel. Me Marrveshje.

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Dergese e Shpejte. Blej Online. Vegla Pune. Instrument FLUK. Kuti me 45 fio. Pastrus I maje. TORX Kacavide. Adapter i tensi. Adaptera per te. Adaptor i rryme. Air Temperature. Analog multimet. Sistem Alarmi. Sistem I Alarmi.

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Alarm per lokal. Alarm baza dhe koman. Alarm biderksional Alarm profesional ng. Antene - Perforcues. Bateri rimbushese Bateri rimbushse 6VAfterShip enables us to provide top-notch delivery tracking service. AfterShip is a great app to help my clients feel confortable during the purshase. Its a beautiful application. Just download it and let the magic happen. Highly recommend it to anyo.

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Customers always wondered how and when their deliveries arrive, so Af. I just recently installed the aftership app on my store and I am quite happy with it. There was a slight compatibility p. One of the best apps arround and the owner reply in every email nice Job guysIntegration with AfterShip offers a great feature for MaiDianBao ERP Customers, they can track all their packages inside. Great Service, very handy for me to keep track of my shipments. Also great for me to know where all of my customers deli.

This app is very easy to use for customers wanting to check on their order. It also saves a lot of time chasing supplier. Interesting app and certainly saves time when you can view the status of all your orders at one screen. Especially when starting a new store as up to 100 trackings per month for free. Good stuff Aftership team. Great intuitive app AfterShip is. I've heard so much good reviews about this app I just had to install it.

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And this is becoming more valuable as many suppliers start turning their ships in the direction of labels and packaging.

This will create confusion and we think that 2017 will bring even more choices, which makes it challenging for converters to understand what would really serve their business.

For years to come, we will still need different solutions for different jobs in digital label printing. We see efforts being made but I think we are very far from a one-size-fits-all. But even if label printers are taking on digital label printing, so are the print shops, commercial printers, converters, contract packers, manufacturers and brand owners themselves. The commercial printers have at least 20 years of experience in digital printing, and they know exactly what it takes to integrate new processes.

They already serve the brand owners with printed materials, so why not labels too.

blej online kosove

Converters, contract packers and manufactures are all handling various complex processes on a daily basis, and, of course, they can press the print button of a digital label press. What they might not know is how to prepare the digital files and how to ensure color matching, and maybe there lies an opportunity. What if the label printer provided their customers with distributed printing facilities. What if each customer had its own digital label printer for small runs provided by their label supplier.

The label supplier takes care of material supply, installation, maintenance, training, file preparation and color management, as well as enables the customer to print small individual batches whenever this is required. This might be a way for them to cling on to the customer and the huge productions that they will still need from time to time. We see an increasing demand from brand owners and manufactures to have in-house label printing equipment to serve their need for small batches, variable data and just-in-time production.

And I believe that the only way the label printers can stay in the game is to figure out how they can contribute to that trend. The complexity in the supply chain needs to be managed efficiently. Peanuts or Mondelez or Budweiser featuring HP SmartStream Mosaic software.

With more regulations driving for up-to-date, accurate product labels (such as ingredient lists) and the operational advantages of high-capacity digital production we expect this trend to increase in 2017.

Going into 2017, we are seeing more and more embellishments, and even the first demonstrations of embellishments done digitally. At drupa 2016, we demonstrated the first step towards an HP Indigo Digital Combination Press, which is designed to, through a single file and point of control, print both the label and the embellishments in an end-to-end digital line. It must be said that not all the trends we anticipated in the past few years reached their tipping point.

One example is security features. We believe there is a very real need for these in the market, but we still have not seen widespread adoption of features that make full use of digital printing capabilities for security purposes, tracking and brand protection purposes.The rental car, hotels, and itinerary were all excellent.

Every aspect of the trip exceeded our expectations. Iceland was so beautiful, and such a pleasure to travel in. A self-guided tour with our children was quite easy and enjoyable. Nordic Visitor made everything so easy, especially with airport transfers, rental car pick up, etc. They chose great hotels for us. We used Nordic Visitor on the recommendation of a friend, and I would highly recommend it to others.

In fact, I already have recommended it to a few interested friends. Gary, United States Scenic Ring of Iceland, June 2016 Dagny was wonderful to work with. She was very pleasant and patient with us, as we had a lot of questions.

We appreciated all her recommendations of places to stop on our way also. Barbara, United States Express Norway, June 2016 I thought all the hotels were great, especially in the small towns, staff were friendly and meals were good. We had a great experience, my daughter and thoroughly enjoyed the self guided driving tour through rural Norway.

Sue and John, United Kingdom Golden Triangle - Starting in Copenhagen, June 2016 It was well organised - all arrangements timed perfectly - good background information in the itinery Valerie, United States The Natural Wonders of Iceland, June 2016 Arnar was my Nordic Representative. Our guide Christine provided an excellent tour for us. I am so glad we chose to go with the guided tour. The history, geography, culture and stories of Iceland told to us by Christine made our trip so rich. The Natural Wonders are truly amazing.

Abbey, United States Scandinavian Highlights, June 2016 We thought our guide was absolutely wonderful. Katherine, France Scenic Fjords of Norway, June 2016 We had an amazing trip. Everything was well organized and went like clockwork. T Geraldine and Robyn, Canada Iceland Full Circle, June 2016 Helga, our tour consultant, went above and beyond with her service. Anna and Robert, United States Adventures Around Iceland, June 2016 Iceland is a beautiful country.

Robert and Heather, Canada Express Iceland, June 2016 We were very impressed with how smoothly everything went. Colette and Simon, United Kingdom Express Iceland, May 2016 The highlighted map was really useful for planning the tour, and all the small written suggestions were the little bits that made the holiday special. Paul, Australia Iceland Complete, May 2016 Overall, the standard of service provided through Nordic Visitor was of a high standard and we as a group have no complaints or criticisms.

Ruth, United Kingdom Scenic Fjords of Norway, May 2016 All hotels great Flam was peaceful- hotel had great view all trains and boat trips fitted in well and enabled us to relax (rather than drive).

Sue, United States The Golden Triangle of Scandinavia, May 2016 Hotels were always well located (most important), clean, excellent service and most with excellent views. Malav, India South Iceland at Leisure, May 2016 Nordic made our tour perfect, easy and memorable.

It's the best and look forward to use it in future and strongly recommend others too. Janet, United Kingdom Pearls of the South and West - Winter, April 2016 Pretty much everything was of a higher standard than we expected. We enjoyed out trip to Iceland very much and felt we made the right choice booking through Nordic visitor.